NGmatt 'T-series'

NGmatt T series
The 'T-series' of NGmatt uses more than three decades of Physical and Sleep research added to the most advanced technology to reinvent the mattress.

The 'T-series' of NGmatt is an affordable, intelligent mattress, which:

  • Regulates the firmness of each one of its 24 confort zones (12 per side) on its own to each user specific and changing ergonomic needs to always provide a correct spinal alignment.
  • Automatically reports  each user sleep quality and by means of the ergo-matic function, learns and self-changes the mattress firmness configuration to maximise sleep quality.
  • Easily controlled by a smartphone app, also allows the remote monitoring of the user by a health supervisor.
  • Helps to relieve many sleep related disorders and its medical comorbidities and in a near future will early detect some of the more life-threatening ones.


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